Dr Vaishali Adya

KTH academic

I obtained my PhD from the Albert Einstein Institute (AEI), Max Planck for Gravitational Physics, Hannover in May, 2018 during which I worked on designing and testing control schemes for future third generation gravitational wave detectors (GWDs). I have been a member of the LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory) Scientific collaboration since 2013 and worked at LIGO Hanford for a period of 4 months on general commissioning of the detector and also modelling the alignment sensing scheme to control the angular positions of the suspended optics of the detector. At ANU, my current focus of work is development of squeezed light technology for present and future gravitational wave detectors.

Research interests

  • Non linear optics and Development of squeezed light sources at 1 micron and 2 micron
  • Design and development of technology to improve the high frequency sensitivity of gravitational wave detectors
  • Design of control schemes for current and future ground based gravitational wave detectors
  • Optical simulations for current and future ground based gravitational wave detectors